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Eclipse Regional Communities, Austin Edition

I finally got around to starting an Austin Eclipse Regional Community. Forgive me for taking so long. If you’re in Austin, please sign up on the mailing list!

In the small group of Eclipse Platform committers based Austin, we tend to go for an “Eclipse lunch” on Wednesday or every other Wednesday. We are opening up this fine tradition of Eclipse luncheons to the public in Austin. We will be doing these Eclipse luncheons every other Wednesday, with the first one starting tomorrow at Mandola’s Market @ noon. It’s a fairly central location to try to accommodate everyone… it should even be close enough for those cool Nokia people who have a nice office downtown.

Since I’m a big fan of beer and talk to Germans frequently, I plan on doing a monthly “Eclipse Stammtisch” in Austin. I still have yet to plan that one… but expect it to be towards the end of the month at a place with a lot of beer on tap.

So if you have time tomorrow, come to the Eclipse luncheon to chat and eat some food! If you’re not in Austin, how about starting your own Eclipse regional community?