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IBM Uptown Classic 2009

I participated in the IBM Uptown Classic this morning.

It was a slow morning but I managed to inhale a Snickers Marathon Energy bar to solve that problem. Race packet food is the breakfast of champions!

Snickers Marathon Energy Bar

The race started on time and I tried to sneak up front to get a better starting position.

IBM Uptown Classic

The race went well, I was chasing a sub 40 but finished in 40:24 :/

IBM Uptown Classic

My splits weren’t too bad either, I was feeling great after the first 5K 🙂

Total: 40:24 – 6:30/M
1st 5K Split: 19:04 – 6:21/M
2nd 5K Split: 21:19 – 6:38/M

To help celebrate, the race organizers even provided a bouncy castle!

IBM Uptown Classic

As a bonus, I got to see my old office at IBM Austin which I left about 16 months ago.

IBM Uptown Classic

Overall, great race, highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a 10K in Austin.