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August Eclipse BugDay Results

I just wanted to let everyone know how the last Eclipse BugDay went. There were 30 bugs that were solved by 10+ contributors. Good stuff. I hope to attract more projects for the next Eclipse BugDay which will occur on September 28th. If you’re part of an Eclipse project and want to participate, check out the FAQ and feel free to ask me any questions on IRC.

If someone wants to get an early start on bug day and happens to love working sets, here’s an easy one from PDE:

[202797] – Plug-in working set description

Or if you don’t like the color yellow, here’s another one:

[174191] – [Manifest Editor] Extension attribute tool tip is yellow on Vista

I’ll do my best to add some interesting ones for the next bug day from the PDE bucket when I triage the whole inbox later this week.

August Eclipse BugDay

Just a reminder that bugday is coming up. Here’s some good requests that I think are solvable by new contributors:


  • [183779] New Plug-In Project wizard should use new working set controls
  • [201606] Feature wizard should use new working set controls
  • [201607] Fragment wizard should use new working set controls
  • [201608] Plug-in from Jar wizard should use new working set controls
  • [201609] Update Site wizard should use new working set controls
  • [201566] XMLContentAssistProcessor, ExtensionAttributePointDetector make unnecessary casts

Platform Debug

  • [51710] [display] Cannot do a Find/Replace in the DisplayView
  • [142989] Undo/Redo for Display view


  • [182235] JSF Facets requires an icon


  • [200389] Link widget allows every html tag


  • [188330] Problems Copying files with $ in name

If you’re interested in a bug, simply state that you are in the bug and a committer can help you out.

Eclipse BugDay (August 2007)

Just to let people know, Eclipse BugDay is next week. This time around, we have a featured project: DSDP-TM. The first few people to help close a DSDP-TM bug gets some swag from the Eclipse foundation! Here’s a PSF file to help you get started with DSDP-TM.

If you look at the bugs fixed this month so far as part of the last Eclipse BugDay spillover, it’s amazing to see the contributions come in still.

Also, if you’re an Eclipse project and interested in participating, just shoot me an email or jump on IRC to chat.

Eclipse BugDay Results

Sorry for the delay in writing up the results, but I’ve been on a plane and without my luggage for the last 36 hours (albeit in beautiful Verona) Now to the results…

Thanks to everyone who participated in BugDay this time around. For some statistics:

  • 5 participating projects (ECF, WTP, Mylyn, PDE, Platform Ant)
  • ~10 contributors
  • ~125 bugs tagged as bugday bugs
  • ~22 bugs fixed
  • 10 of these bugs made it in Eclipse 3.4 M1

For the first time around, I’m very pleased with the results. To be honest, I just expected me participating in bugday and maybe fixing a WTP bug in good spirit (all while Wassim makes fun of me for the idea of a bugday). However, the community turned out and fixed issues for the purpose of just helping out or fixed issues that have long bothered them in Eclipse. I think the willingness to help just reflects on the great community we have in Eclipse and also shows that the open-source model of development can be very beneficial if done right.

There were some lessons I also learned:

  • It’s nice to have a specific time for people to log onto IRC and chat with committers (this is tricky due to timezone differences though).
  • Make sure that the bugs aren’t too hard that are marked as bugday. This was the big reason why the helpwanted keyword was so useless for new contributors.
  • Attaching relevant Mylyn contexts to bugs was helpful to some
  • Some people didn’t like the concept of BugDay and made it a BugWeek (thanks Peter)
  • Having specific bugs marked as bugday causes people to contribute time even outside of the official bugday!

Thanks all again. The next bugday will be August 31st 2007. If you’re interested in participating, check out the FAQ and make your interest known on the wiki (or on relevant bugs).

BugDay Update

Ok, I swear, this is the last update of BugDay I’ll do before it actually occurs. Looking at the picture below, there’s been quite a few participants and projects already (however, I wish there were more projects):

Oh, I also updated the FAQ to show how committers should do proper attribution for the contributor and follow Eclipse’s IP process at the same time (adding their face to your website is completely optional ;p).

On a side note, the WTP project needs some love… noone has signed up yet for a WTP bug 🙁 If noone does, I’ll do one tomorrow. How hard can it be to move something into an import/export wizard or italicize something by default?

PDE and BugDay

I just wanted to share something cool that has come out of bugday so far!

But first, let me tell you a story! Have you ever worked on your cool plug-in project or product, drank a few glasses of wine (or some fine coffee porter) to see this in your project explorer view:

External Plug-in Libraries…? Where did that come from? How many glasses of wine did I have? Where am I? I don’t remember creating that project.

Well, I have good news, you didn’t create that project directly. If you ever took advantage of adding plug-ins to Java Search (which a lot of people do via the Plug-ins view), PDE indirectly created this project to help the awesome JDT search the plug-in(s) you’re interested in. I’ve always wanted this project hidden by default because it confused me as a new user and it will probably confuse other new users (some of which will probably delete that project when they see it anyway).

So now back to bugday. Peter Friese submitted a patch and finally fixed this problem. There is now a filter that is on by default:

Thanks Peter and check this out in the next I-build!

Eclipse BugDay Update and Reminder

The first Eclipse BugDay hasn’t even started, but it looks like it’s going to be successful. Thank you to Peter Friese who has been on a role tackling PDE bugday bugs.

Also, Darin Swanson from the Platform Ant team recently announced to the world his participation in bugday (check out the Ant bugs).

Just wanted to let people know that bugday is coming up this Friday and thanks to all for helping out and participating!

Eclipse BugDay

Ok, I’ve finally done it… I’m putting together a bugday for Eclipse! The first bug day will be July 27 2007. Don’t know what a bugday is? Please check out the FAQ.

Note, this will be a small experiment first to see how things go. If we get a lot of contributors from the community stepping up to participate in bugday, we’ll continue having them and expand the number of committers that participate!

If you’re a community member and ever wanted to have code included in an Eclipse release, well now is your chance 🙂 Check out the FAQ to learn how to participate. It will be as simple as picking certain bugs (these are keyworded as ‘bugday’ ) chosen by the projects participating in the first bugday. Don’t worry, these bugs are geared for first time contributors. For example, ECF has a bug that wants to add a default IRC server. WTP has a bug to reorganize the location of some wizards. If you’re interested in any of these bugs, please let the bug authors know in the bug and update the wiki with your intentions.

Other than that, I hope some people choose to participate as the Eclipse Foundation has offered some swag to the first participants of bugday. Feel free to ask me any questions via email or on this blog via a comment.

Also, thanks to everyone on IRC that has helped put this together (Nitin, Remy, Paul, Kim), couldn’t do it without you guys.